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Pilates is a low-impact, total-body conditioning workout that emphasizes smooth, flowing movements propelled by the breath and the “Powerhouse” – the area containing the abdominal and lower back muscles, pelvic floor, glutes and muscles around the hips. Your Powerhouse is the foundation for all movement. Improving your Powerhouse through Pilates at Regenerate Fitness will give you the ability to move with strength, stability and dynamic energy while keeping your body lean and toned.

Pilates offers many benefits including building muscle without building bulk, preventing injury, improving circulation, reducing lower back pain, and improving posture.

At Regenerate Fitness, we offer two different Pilates All Levels classes:

Pilates Fundamentals

Taught by our friendly and experienced Pilates instructor Betsy O’Neil, Pilates Fundamentals is a small group Mat class that’ll take you through the basic Pilates movements like “The 100,” “Criss-Cross,” the “Elephant,” and the “Swan.” This Upper East Side Pilates class is perfect for beginners, those just getting back to the mat, or those looking for a personalized Pilates experience.

Strengthen, lengthen, lean and tone while improving posture and straightening the spine every Wednesday from 7:00PM – 7:45PM and Saturday from 11:15AM – 12:00PM. Click here to view our schedule and sign up for Pilates Fundamentals.

Pilates All Levels

For those looking for more of a challenge, our Pilates All Levels class is perfect for you. Instructor Nicole Long is classically trained in Pilates and loves to share her passion with her Pilates classes. No matter how long you’ve been practicing, Nicole can help you renew and deepen your Pilates Mat practice. She is well-versed in modifying for all levels.

Feel stronger, leaner and more centered Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 – 7:45 (AM & PM) and Sunday from 11:15AM – 12:00PM. Click here to view our Pilates All Levels schedule and sign up for a class today.

Enhance your physical and emotional well-being by incorporating our Pilates Mat classes into your weekly fitness routine here at Regenerate 82; Regenerate Fitness NYC’s East 82nd street location, the Upper East Side’s premier Semi Private Training Studio.

** Nicole and Betsy both offer one on one, personal training Pilates Mat sessions for all levels as well. If you’re looking to refine your practice or get real individualized programming, please see our Private Training page for more info.