Regenerate Fitness NYC – Client Testimonials


“The personalized attention and unique mix of training routines at Regenerate Fitness™ NYC has me look forward to working out again. Most importantly, I’m seeing the results from the hard work I’ve put in with the trainers. Strongly recommended.”
Matt Casey
Associate Director of Marketing
Men’s Fitness Magazine,

” I have to give many many thanks to Jeni Fujita. I contacted her back in the fall last year after seeing her physical transformation. After having 5 children (last pregnancy with twins) I weighed 168 lbs., Never ever imagined I let myself get to that point.

After meeting with Jeni, whom I consider a dear close friend now, she got me on track; through eating healthy and the right amount of calories and exercising, she helped me through the last year. She cheered me through, tweaked things when I hit a plateau and encouraged me when I just wanted to quit. She truly is a blessing to me !!! All that help via text, emails, and phone calls! I now weigh 127.6!! 40lbs in less than 6 months!! And over 35 inches gone!!!

Here are my before and after pics as promised. I’m 40lbs closer to where I want to be, and size 2-4 works for me! Just waiting for the belly skin to tighten a little more, although after 5 kids, not quite sure;). That’s my story.
Love you, Jeni!!!! May the road continually rise to meet you.”

Jennifer Rettew
Mother of 5 and Bartender


“I started working with Reggie about a year ago to get in better shape and look fit for my upcoming wedding.

As the big day approaches, I have lost 12 lbs, feel stronger, faster, more fit, and ultimately confident in myself. He has a great mixture of motivation and workouts that have properly developed me into a healthier man. “

Matt C.
Associate Marketing Director
Men’s Fitness Magazine &

“Jeni Fujita appeared in my life when I was ready for her fitness coaching. Real, lasting transformation has to come from self-love. You can fiddle with the outside all you want but if you haven’t changed at depth, any gains will vanish once your old patterns resurface. Jeni silences the negative voices in my head that tell me, “I can’t” and most of all those that tell me “I’m not worth it.”

Jeni taught me that I am already “perfect” and how to remove blocks to the awareness of my body’s inherent beauty and perfection. When I can’t see myself that way, she reflects it back to me and says, “Look! Look!”

Jeni Fujita will help you release every heavy thought that stands between you and the lightness and joy of radiant health and the natural beauty and symmetry you were born with. Jeni’s making the world a better place one whole person at a time and walks her talk as a superb guide on your fitness journey. “

Katie Thomas
Marketing Specialist at N.B. Handy

“Jeni and Reggie are a gift to all the lives they touch. Their knowledge of fitness and nutrition amazes me. The upper east side is lucky to have them. If you want to transform your life inside and out, then RUN, don’t walk, to Regenerate Fitness NYC. A healthy you awaits you!” Lori Sommer – Stand up comedian NYC

“Phenomenal. Thanks, Reggie! I didn’t know I could sweat like that. That was the most intense workout of my life.” Karen Summerton – Performer at National Comedy Theatre (New York)

“Jeni of Regenerate Fitness is amazingly inspiring. She is pure support. Her own body transformation is a testament to her enthusiasm and dedication to a healthy life style; mind, body and soul. You can’t help but enjoy her “yes you can” attitude while you blow through your personal goals. Jillian Michaels suggests you make a vision board for a healthy life style. Jeni IS my vision board! PEACE.” Paige T. Pant Professional Dog Walking and Pet Services

“That was the best workout of my entire life and I burned 877 calories in 48 minutes, which for me, is pretty amazing.” Matt Bishop – Project Manager, Heineken at Geometry Global

“If you’re in search of a total transformation of mind, body, and spirit. A complete regeneration from the inside out, look no further, Regenerate Fitness is the answer to all of your health, fitness and wellness desires. I lost 50 pounds prior to connecting with Regenerate, yet didn’t know how to maintain the weight loss …Regenerate gave me the support and guidance I needed to rock a lean, fit, healthy, SEXY size 2 (down from a size 12)! REGENERATE FITNESS ROCKS!!!!” Deidre Gadison – Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

“As a first timer to Yoga I was a little bit hesitant, but I felt completely at ease in Leo Risings’ class. A consummate professional, he made me feel at home and relaxed while pushing me to achieve more than I thought I could. Would recommend these classes to anyone beginning, or advanced. Thanks again guys!” James M. – Active Navy Reserve

“It was amazing to me that ever since I started following the personalized diet recommendation by Jeni, in a matter of days, I started having more energy, clearer skin, and regular bowel movements! Something I’ve struggled with for years! I have also been losing a pound a week and I look forward to looking stunning in my wedding dress!!! Thank you, Jeni, for all your help and your commitment to keep me motivated!” Yuki K. – Executive Assistant to CEO at Keiro Senior HealthCare

“The studio is beautiful and the staff is knowledgeable. But the things that sets it apart is the energy in there. Many gyms are driven only by the body dynamic and not mind-body-soul. Regenerate Fitness is a very loving and supportive environment, that will get you results that will last. I highly recommend it.”  Jenny Perry
Mother of 3 and author of “The Jennifers”

“Regenerate Fitness is the TRUTH! The time is now. This is the place start. Whether you’re a fitness pro or a beginner hungry for change, owners Reggie & Jeni will show you the way. Their staff is amazing and they are beyond dedicated to your success. No day like today right!? Let’s Go!” Tamicka Carter  – Real Estate Agent

“I knew these two would do something amazing together, and BOOM, here it is. They take fitness to a whole other level. Anyone can do it, so the question isn’t can you, it’s will you?” Ananda Oliver  – Benefits Broker at Conover Insurance

“Fit body-Fit mind is what Regenerate fitness is all about. I was fortunate enough to have had the pleasure to be part of Regenerate Fitness on my latest visit to New York. The warmth and welcoming I received there was phenomenal and heart sweetening. Everyone there made me feel at home. Knowing that I come from a Muay Thai background in Canada, they were incredible at catering to my fitness needs while I stayed in Manhattan. Their fitness knowledge is very extensive and they are both very versatile trainers.” Carla Thunder  – Muay Thai Instructor

“I am so honored and lucky to have met Jen Fujita and her husband Reggie Cooley. What a dynamite couple! A husband and wife team at an exclusive gym on the upper east side. Wow! I have started training with Reggie, who first did an evaluation on me. He could tell what my mal-alignments were before I even said anything! I’m so happy and I feel so wonderful! Everyone should feel like I feel when I come out of my session! Try it, you’ll love it!” Tami Scheiner Yazici  – Trader