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Jeni Fujita

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Food Coach Jeni Fujita, is co-founder of RFNYC. Jeni lost 40 lbs and has kept it off for 7 years. The idea to open Regenerate Fitness NYC was born from her personal transformation and weight loss. She met her partner Reggie through fitness. He was her personal trainer. They connected on the science behind weight loss. Together, they believe in the importance of correct form for achieving successful results. They bring that passion, knowledge, and experience to RFNYC together!

Jeni is a life coach, wealth builder, and weight loss coach. She is also a singer-songwriter and successful voice-over artist for TV and radio. Order her Food-Ebook here to read more about her story and the clients she has helped.

Hire a Food Coach to Guide You

She is ecstatic about opening RFNYC. As well as providing a high-end quality, luxury boutique fitness experience, RFNYC offers the finest, most extraordinary instructors. Instructors, who are driven and passionate about what they teach.

Jeni and RFNYC believe in partnership and team building within the fitness, health and wellness community. “Partnership can only make us stronger and increase our ability to make a more powerful difference in the lives of others.” RFNYC will do everything in their power to make fitness accessible to everyone.

She says their intent is to provide a full-service experience at affordable prices. Regenerate Fitness NYC not only offers personal training and food coaching but it also offers classes. Circuit Training class, a combo of cardio and strength building. The second location offers all levels of pilates mat, core strengthening-cardio classes and restorative yoga, stretch and relaxation. “Recovery is just as important as the actual training we do to get and stay fit, ” Jeni says. “We want our clients to not only achieve their goals but to enjoy the journey along the. Also to learn how to sustain a complete and balanced healthy lifestyle. My goal is to help improve the quality of life. I’m passionate about it. That’s why I opened Regenerate.”

“We sweat together, we stick together.®”

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